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The functional characteristics of the banknote machine

Date : 2020-01-03    hit : 3284

- a high degree of automation: a pressing three strapping, one coin, without transposition;

Double - plane adhesion: bidirectional non-contact sealing, sealing area, high safety factor;

- faster than the commonly used models: strapping speed nearly doubled, more time;

B: a smooth strapping molding strapping molding, more smooth specification, strong appearance, conform to the people's Bank of "five good money tied";

In the hot temperature adaptive adjustment: temperature without manual adjustment, the device itself can adjust the hot temperature;

- more power: a complete bundle strapping molding, 100 bundles power consumption less than 0.2Kwh;

Strapping - adjustable pressure: pressure can be adjusted, in order to adapt to the different condition of coins;

- the old notes preloading function: to ensure the normal binding of old notes;

- with an internal box device without loading cassette, replacement strap is more simple;

Put a pad of paper - operation: to comply with the working mode of bank operation personnel, more convenient;

- large LCD screen: intelligent man-machine dialogue process, clear display, fault can automatically prompt on the screen;

In the domestic general consumables: domestic white transparent plastic strapping, low cost.

Environmental protection performance

Environmental protection, smokeless and tasteless: non - contact ironing, no need to preheat, ironing process smokeless, tasteless, more environmentally friendly;

Low noise - when working with low noise motor, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Security performance:

Closed binding operation: automatic closing, closed binding, and absolutely guarantee the safety of operation.

- safety protection device: automatic fault detection, shutdown alarm.

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