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The functional characteristics of the banknote machine

- a high degree of automation: a pressing three strapping, one coin, without transposition;Double - plane adhesion: bidirectional non-contact sealing, sealing area, high safety fac…

Mechanical maintenance of banknote machine

The most important part of the maintenance binding machine is the dust removal. In wet areas, if the dust is kept more, it will have a great influence on the power part of the mach…

Brief introduction of bank self-service equipment

Self service terminal is an electronic information device that is designed to store information and provide all kinds of information query, print, payment, and product selling serv…

Banknote machine

It is mainly composed of banknote claw wheel, banknote board and banknote block.After examining the notes one by one card respectively into different claw claw wheel stacker, by re…

Bank entities will be eliminated from mobile devices to communicate "intermediaries"

Bank of America, Citigroup and JP Morgan have closed 389 outlets since the third quarter of last year. With the increase of mobile active users, more transactions are done through …

The electronic financial services network covering Tongcheng Town

At the beginning of the year, from the county of good news: farmers for new rural insurance pension payment, prepaid recharge business on the doorstep can.Last year, the county to …

Fast money won the 2012 electronic finance Excellence Award

At the sixth annual China electronic finance annual meeting, it was a hot discussion to pay the innovation ability of the enterprises again. "Compared to the innovation of the…

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