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Mechanical maintenance of banknote machine

Date : 2019-12-08    hit : 3068

The most important part of the maintenance binding machine is the dust removal. In wet areas, if the dust is kept more, it will have a great influence on the power part of the machine. In dry area, there is a lot of free electric charge in the dust, while the bundling machine also generates a part of free electric charge in the process of banknotes, which will cause free electric charge to accumulate on the banknotes, and eventually generate the point discharge, namely "static electricity". The electrostatic discharge will affect the machine, and the light affects the counterfeit, and the weight can cause irreparable damage to the integrated circuit of the machine. Aside from these adverse effects on the machine, the dust is also harmful to the human body. So the most important task of maintaining the machine is to remove dust.

The dust accumulated more in the machine is the ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet lamp is the source of counterfeiting the banknote machine by optical technology. When it is blocked, the intensity of light source will decrease, so the sensitivity of counterfeit will also decrease. In most cases, the optical sensor is very close to the light source. If the lamp accumulates more ash, it will cover the sensor, so the sensitivity of the identification is even lower. The dust here can be cleaned with a brush or a rag, but it must be remembered that the power line of the machine must be pulled down to avoid electric shock. After cleaning the dust on the lamp, it is necessary to clean up the dust box of the machine. The dust binding machine with a vacuum device, the dust absorbed by the suction device is packed in the dust box, and can be removed to clean up. The organization of the bank note machine is very complicated. Do not touch the place where the brush or the rag can't be touched, or it will damage the machine easily.

The vulnerable parts of the bank note machine include the rubber device and the purple light tube. The banknote machine is a machine that imitates the human currency. It mainly imitates the effect of friction, so a part of the rubber device is used. After a period of time, the friction of rubber parts will decrease due to wear, resulting in the decline of machine performance. In this case, it is necessary to replace the corresponding rubber devices. In addition, after ultraviolet light tube works for a period of time, the emission ability of ultraviolet light will also decrease, which will lead to the decrease of the ability to check the counterfeit ability of the machine, so that it is also necessary to replace the ultraviolet lamp. The way to replace them is usually very easy. Just remove the corresponding parts according to the requirements of the instructions, then install the new devices.

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