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Banknote machine

Date : 2018-02-16    hit : 2671

It is mainly composed of banknote claw wheel, banknote board and banknote block.

After examining the notes one by one card respectively into different claw claw wheel stacker, by removing the bill banknote plate removed and stacked neatly. The phenomenon of flying money is common in banknote counting machines. To solve this problem, three aspects must be noted: one is the center location of the impeller, the two is the shape of the leaf claw, and the three is the impeller speed.

To determine the center position of the stacker stacker impeller: the impeller center should be as close as possible to cash out when the note is a note left axis, apron, deep into the leaf card must try to claw, so that we can ensure that the bill not because the card is too shallow and fly into.

The leaves of claw shape: curve should make notes after insertion of a bending deformation, deformation is greater, more money is not easy.

The rotational speed of the impeller: the impeller speed is faster, more easy to fly too slow but note, the bill will hit the bottom of the leaf claw. The speed of the impeller is related to the speed of the bill and the number of the paws.

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